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    During the initial examination we will:

    • Conduct a thorough examination of the property.
    • Review the condition of the property.
    • Take detailed measurements and notes.
    • Photograph property, if requested.

    After the initial examination we will:

    • Research and study the subject property.
    • Assign value to the property.
    • Describe the property in a formal report.
    • Deliver the final document.

    What you can expect from us:

    • Professional and courteous answers to your questions.
    • Complete descriptions of the property.
    • Duplicate reports, if requested.
    • Photography service, if requested.
    • Complete confidentiality.
    • Email or faxed copies to additional parties.
    • Support in a legal dispute.
    • Responsiveness to you needs.

    What we will need to prepare the appraisal:

    • photos.
    • Any previous appraisal reports.
    • Sales receipts, if available.
    • Pertinent family history or provenance.
    • History of repairs or damage.
    • Payment for time spent in the initial examination.